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By Tamar Simonia

I have to be tolerant

Do not treat others the way you do not want to be treated ...

Tolerance means accepting another person as he or she is. People may differ in color, culture, religion, and race. For example, Georgian, American, Japanese and all children of different nationalities may attend school. How do we behave at this time when there are so many different people in the class, with different kinds of behaviors and thoughts ?!

Lida and Akio live in Georgia. Lida is Iranian, while Akio came from Japan. They are in our country to live with their family. Lida and Akio are sixth graders and go to school with Georgian children. They are different in class because they have a different religion and culture from Georgian children. Lida, for example, wears it differently from everyone else because her religion, Islam, requires her to wear a headscarf. Lida looks different, because of which the children even laugh at her. Akio had a hard time mastering the Georgian language, he could not make friends with anyone in the class, because the children always feel that he is different and his place is not here. Some children show intolerant attitudes towards Lida and Akio. Intolerant attitude means disrespect for another person's beliefs, thoughts, religion, intolerance.

Other people may dress differently from you, look different, have a different skin color. Do not judge others because they are different.

Not all people have the same abilities. Some children in the classroom may learn the material more slowly, have a harder time learning than others, but that does not mean we should judge, ridicule or say anything bad about them.

You may meet a child in a wheelchair at your school, in the yard, or at a place where you meet your peers. We must not forget that we are all different from each other, but at the same time we are all equal because we are human beings.

To be tolerant means to do good deeds, to help others, to listen to people, to be attentive to the feelings and rights of others.

If you are familiar with all this, do you think that you or your friend are in danger, if a friend has revealed to you that he / she needs help in dealing with violence, the Legal Aid Service will provide you with appropriate assistance. You can write to us in the chat on the website, also call us on the hotline 1485 or call us at 032 292 00 55.